Transdek prides itself on its exceptional project management track record. We understand that a strategic move to double deck trailers can have far reaching implications across a company’s distribution operation and beyond.

That’s part of what makes us unique. We apply our trans-sectoral expertise to work closely with all affected parties – from transport mangers to drivers, warehouse managers to operators, risk assessors, engineers, architects, retail managers... to ensure that we understand their specific requirements and provide the most effective products and services for each application.

We offer all customers the same engineering expertise, attention to detail and drive for excellence, combining down-to-earth pragmatism with a pro-active flair for value-added innovation – whether advising on international logistics, creating bespoke trailer designs, liaising on the plans for a new-build hub, or surveying retail sites nationwide.

For optimal peace of mind, Transdek provides a number of try-before-you-buy options to test the compatibility of loading bay equipment and double deck vehicles, or to enable customer trials in the field.